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I am in my fourth year at Hebrew College Rabbinical School in Newton, Massachusetts.

     This is quite the career change; for more than two decades I was a food editor and writer. But I always was studying and learning Torah in some capacity, and in 2020 I decided to turn my avocation into a vocation.

     My goal for my future rabbinate is chaplaincy and spiritual counseling, along with interfaith explorations and interim pulpit work. See my CV for details of my experience.

     I write spoken word poetry, often incorporated into sermons and commentary. I also tutor b mitzvah candidates and have served on conversion Beit Dins.

     I believe in a personal God, and connect to God through both words and song, and am part of many singing communities. Over the past several years I have been creating songs inspired by Torah, liturgy, and God.

In my father's library, Washington, DC

Photo by Shoshi Stern-Robbins

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